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Columbia Process and Investigative Services (CPI) is a premier process serving and investigative company. The company combines over 75 years of experience in law enforcement and legal services under the leadership of a former Deputy Chief of the Metropolitan Police Department, District of Columbia and a researcher and process server with more than 25 years of experience in all areas of litigation support.


CPI is committed to providing the highest level of customer service.  


CPI is licensed and bonded.



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Phone: (202)-686-5000

Team Profiles


Process Services


  • Service of Process

  • Service of Process on evasive or uncooperative witnesses or defendants

  • Affidavits of Service

  • Affidavits of Diligence or Narrative Affidavits

  • Filing of Affidavits

  • Filing of New Cases

  • Filing of Miscellaneous or Foreign Subpoenas

  • Specialized Filings and Service of Process

Investigative Services


  • Witness and Defendant Location

  • Background Research and Inquiries

  • Asset Research

  • Surveillance

  • Witness Interviews

  • Corporate Structure and Background

  • Case Review and Analysis

  • Consultation

  • Missing Person

  • Domestic Investigations

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