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Service of Process


Service of Process is the delivery of a legal document to an individual or entity. It is required that Service of Process conform to the Rules of Civil Procedure or the Rules of Criminal Procedure. These rules may not be precise and may vary from state to state. It is important to have an experienced company serve your legal process so that your case can proceed as smoothly as possible. 

With years of experience behind us, we know well the variety of rules, regulations, and procedures that underpin the world of service of process.  We are diligent, conscientious, and exhaustive in our efforts to make timely service. 

Service of Process on evasive or uncooperative witnesses or defendants 

We have the expertise to locate and serve evasive or uncooperative witnesses or defendants.


Affidavits of Service

When Service of Process is completed, we provide a notarized Affidavit of Service. These are sometimes called Proofs of Service or Returns of Service. Our Affidavits of Service are vetted  for accuracy and are produced in a timely manner. 


Affidavits of Diligence or Narrative Affidavits 

Our servers keep detailed notes of attempted Service of Process. When needed, we craft efficient, well-constructed affidavits that explicate our efforts and highlight pertinent issues so our clients can use them as professional products before the court. 


Filing of Affidavits 

In some cases, Affidavits are scanned to the court by the attorney of record. In other cases, Affidavits are hand filed and/or sent to the court by us. We are familiar with the variety of Affidavit versions and requirements throughout the country. Our system of quality control tracks filing dates and deadlines.


Filing of New Cases

We are experienced at filing new cases with various courts and can help to ensure that the filing is properly done.


Filing of Miscellaneous or Foreign Subpoenas

A Miscellaneous or Foreign Subpoena may be required when a witness and/or documents are needed but are located in a state that is not the same state where the case is filed. This is generally only true for lower court cases. 


We have years of experience with various types of filings, including the preparation and filing of foreign or miscellaneous subpoenas throughout the country. 


Specialized Filings and Service of Process

We have experience with filing legal documents that are unique or otherwise outside the general areas of litigation. We are experienced in effecting Service of Process in complex cases or on complex entities and we work with an agent that specializes in Service of Process out of the country and/or Service of Process pursuant to Hague Convention rules. 


If you have any questions please contact us via e-mail at or

telephone at 202 686-5000. 

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