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Investigative Services


CPI’s list of investigative services includes but is not limited to the following areas:


Legal Clients


  • Litigation Support

  • Pretrial Investigations, Preparation, Consultation

  • Witness Location

  • Witness Interviews/Statements


Corporate/Business Clients


  • Employee background Checks

  • Internal Theft

  • Internal Fraud

  • Employee Misconduct

  • Sexual Harassment/EEO Allegations

  • Insurance Fraud

  • Asset Searches


Personal Clients


  • Domestic Investigations

  • Missing Person Investigations

  • Stalking Investigations

  • Asset Searches

  • Surveillance


University/College Clients


  • Sexual Assault Allegations

  • Internal Misconduct Investigations



For a free consultation please contact us via e-mail at or telephone at 202 686-5000.


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