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CPI is a licensed private detective agency in Washington, D.C., that provides a variety of investigative services.  Each of the three founding partners has an extensive investigative background.  



Although there are generic terms for different areas of investigation, all inquiries are unique. We encourage our clients to contact us so we can discuss the details of any inquiry and tailor the inquiry to our client’s needs.


All inquiries and investigations can be expanded and we often advise that the work be done incrementally so our clients can determine at various steps, and after consultation, how to proceed or if the work product at that time is sufficient.


The cost of our searches and/or inquiries is based upon complexity and scope. That said, conducting investigations efficiently is a priority in order to keep costs down for our clients.


CPI is dedicated to conducting thorough investigations and will provide each client with a detailed investigative report. 


Get more information on our investigative service offerings.


For a free consultation please contact us via e-mail at or

telephone at 202 686-5000. 

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